Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Sweet Email from some Members

Hello families of Elder Ballard & Elder Bennett,

We had the privilege of having your sons in our home tonight and it was a blessing to us and our family. They seem happy, healthy, and we definitely felt of their love for what they do. They shared a message of baptism with our recently baptized daughter, and then she took a turn to teach them about the 12th Article of Faith and what it means to be a good citizen (part of her Faith in God).

We pray as a family for your sons, by name, every evening. They are great missionaries and have the admiration and love of the people here whom they serve. 

Thank you for sharing them with us for this time! We tried making Elder Ballard happy by making sausage ravioli (oops, we substituted tortellini). Next time we'll have to find out what Elder Bennett's favorite dish is, and make that for him. :)

The Pierces

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