Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Slowly Progressing

Hey everyone, I hope you all had a great week! This week was a pretty relaxed week not a whole lot went on! This had a few lessons with people that went good, we are doing a lot of less active work out here In this area which is good but we hope to find some new unbaptized! Transfers were this week and me and my companion aren't going anywhere but my good buddies Elder Mulberry and Elder Ballard got transferred to different areas and zones so I was pretty bummed about that!
North Dakota t-shirts- see note below

This week the weather has been so great! There was one day this week that it got up to 58 degrees, it felt so good!! All the snow has nearly melted and it's been hovering around the 40s lately which has been great and I really hope it stays that way! This week was kind of lucky we somehow managed to be taken out to Village Inn twice this week! I love Village Inn and am a huge breakfast fan no matter the hour, so that was great. On Thursday we had a really fun zone activity, we received training on how we needed to invite everyone we come in contact with to baptism whether they choose to accept or not is their choice. So we all split up and went to different areas and tracted for an hour, I went with Elder Jones and we had an awesome time talking to people and inviting them to baptism! 

This week we had lessons with one of our investigators Ricky. He is slowly progressing but he has great friends in the church so that always helps. We also had a guy who was super close to baptism but backed out at the last second, and we had been visiting him periodically and left with him a Book of Mormon and reading challenge and one day just randomly he stopped us when we were walking and asked for our number and said maybe we can finish what I never got done, so that was awesome. We also had two investigators at church this week which awesome. On Monday we lifted, played basketball for a few hours, napped for a long time, had dinner, found some names for the temple, and then had FHE up in Ogden. On Valentine's Day we get to go to the temple!

Hope you all have a good week!

-Elder Bennett

The ND state shirts are because of Sister Berney who is next to me, her dad is originally from Nebraska and she always makes fun of me because I'm from there because she hates Nebraska. I guess she goes there every year to her grandma's and it's a little podunk town so she hates it. She got us all t-shirts so we would "know" which state is better.

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