Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Time is Flying- 6 Months in the Mission

Hey everyone sorry for missing last week's blog I am going to combine these two weeks into one!! Well these past couple weeks have been pretty good ones! Well the week of the 23-30th of January was pretty busy. It was snowing pretty hard all day on Pday and so we just hung out at home and then we were supposed to have FHE with one of the mission counselors but it got cancelled due to the weather so we went to the Haupts house where we eat every Monday and had FHE with them and played games!

On Wednesday the 25th we got together as a zone and we watched the missionary broadcast, it was a cool broadcast and it told about the new schedule changes in the mission. Not much changed we have like companionship study 30 minutes later now and our lunch got reduced from an hour to 30 minutes which I was not excited about haha. And we don't have to plan at night anymore, we have 9-10:30 to just relax and unwind which is nice. We did service this week at the Salvation Army and did a lot of stuff in the food bank, unloading food and shelving it. 
On Saturday the 28th we had the special privilege to hear from an Apostle at a meeting that the missionaries were invited too. We got to hear a 70 speak, our mission President, another former mission president and then Elder D. Todd Christoffersen. He answered questions at the end from people and we as a mission aslo sang a few songs for the meeting.

On Sunday the 29th. Elder Policarpio and I, the sisters, and our senior couple were in charge of a fireside for the all the youth in the Stake. The theme this year is If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God. So we all shared the 4 minute restoration with them and then we opened it up for a question and answer session with the missionaries. We also had recent converts there, so it was cool to be able to answer questions and hear the convert's stories.

On Monday the 30th we played basketball all day pretty much and then went to Village Inn. It was nice because we have a bunch of those restaurants in Nebraska and it reminded me of home. 
 Friday the 3rd of February marked 6 months I have been on the mission, it is crazy how fast time is flying out here, people weren't lying when they said it goes by fast! On Saturday, the Petersons took us and Elder Conrad and  Elder Atienza out to eat and we went to Outback Steakhouse and she got us all a really cool missionary keepsake deal where can put stuff we got from the mission like letters or trinkets in there, it is cool! 
Outback Steakhouse
We also did some service and helped a guy who is remodeling his house and it reminded me a bit of working with my dad back home. The Superbowl was this Sunday and it was super hard not to watch we had a lot of members invite us and even though I heard it was probably the greatest Superbowl ever, I am glad we stayed obedient and it was tough when no one answered their doors that night!

On Monday we played basketball all morning, we got haircuts and then I went out to Antelope Island with some other Elders. We had a good time, it was really cool with all the snow, We even saw a few bison which was awesome! We found out that both me and Elder Policarpio are staying in Roy. I was pretty sad my two buddies Elder Ballard and Elder Mulberry were leaving my zone.
Antelope Island

On a spiritual note, I am grateful to be on a mission, one of the main reason I came on a mission is to see a change not only in other people but in myself. One thing that I have heard that has stuck with me since the first day is that your greatest convert on your mission should be yourself. As I reflect on these 6 months, I have seen changes in myself, I am happier, I am more fit, it is easier for me to talk to people and open up to them and I have seen my testimony grow. I always thought when you came on a mission that there would be no temptation and I was wrong, it is still tough as a missionary to be obedient always and temptation is always there but as we strive to be obedient and let the Spirit guide us I have seen how much of a blessing it has been in my life! And I know it can bless other people's lives too!

Anyways I hope you all have a week!

-Elder Bennett

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