Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Serving with a Smile

Hey everyone, I hope everyone has had a great couple of weeks! These past couple of weeks have been great! So quite a bit has gone on this past couple weeks and we have been super busy, which is a great problem to have being a missionary!

Pday shenanigans
So within these last two weeks I went on exchanges with our district leader in an area called J1. This is the area in downtown Ogden with a lot of the interesting people. I had a blast while being there for a day, we met so many unique people and it such a different area it kept me on my toes and it got me excited to hopefully serve in this area one day haha.

Cool house in J1

The weather has been fantastic out here lately. The cold has finally gone away and we have been in the 60's and up for the past week and a half and I couldn't be happier! It is so much better to get out and walk around in nice weather and we see way more people outside which is great!. We have done so much service this week just from walking around and asking people if they needed help! The weather is getting everyone out and it is nice to get to know the members, less actives, and non members. We have helped people pull weeds, build fences, clean out garages, help move things, and much more!

Playing BBall with kids

So we are still having pretty good success with people we are teaching.We are teaching a boy named Ricky (9 year old) he is on date for March 31st best case, April 8th worst case. We gave Ricky a children's Book of Mormon and with 2 hours we came back for a lesson and he had read 5 chapters and pretty much knew everything we talked about so that was awesome.  

Rianne the 10 year old girl who is on date for the 18th is not looking like that will happen, her parents are so busy it is so hard to meet with her. Plus there is no support from them for coming to church so we are working on that. Holden Pratt who is on date for the 25th is not looking super solid for that date just because same situation he has no support at home and getting to church is a hard for him so we are hoping and praying it works out. But other than that we are just working with a lot of less actives and searching everyday!

So these past couple pdays have been super busy and filled with mostly all basketball! This last pday we started our mission wide March Madness tournament. The tournament is a 4v4, zone vs zone tournament. The games are two ten minute halves. This last pday we played each zone to determine the tournament seeding. We went 3-1 and did really good, we lost to the other number 1 seed barely but I was proud of my team considering we were the only team that had zero subs all day. We got the number one seed on one side for the tournament next week which should be fun!

Pday bball

Mosiah 2:16-17

16 Behold, I say unto you that because I said unto you that I had spent my days in your service, I do not desire to boast, for I have only been in the service of God.
17 And behold, I tell you these things that ye may learn wisdom; that ye may learn that when ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God.
Subway after service at the temple grounds

Being a missionary gives you great opportunities to serve! I encourage all of you to look for opportunities this week to serve someone!

-Elder Bennett

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