Wednesday, April 5, 2017

8 Months & A New Companion

With Elder Ballard
 Hey everyone, I apologize for being super lazy on writing my blog! But I hope everyone has had a good couple of weeks recently! I know I have! So these past couple of weeks have been pretty busy, a couple of weeks ago we did a service project in a mobile home Park. We were working with the salvation army and going door to door offering free smoke alarms, it was actually pretty fun because it was a different service project and going door to door is nothing new for us as missionaries. We found it funny when we would go up to a door or to a porch and they would say " not interested" and then we would say " well do you even know what we are doing" and then we would tell them and then they would become the nicest people in the world haha. Each companionship was assigned an area. Me and my companion Elder Scoresby installed 23 smoke alarms total and the next closest group installed 5. 
Dinner with the Johnsons
We went on a district blitz to a trailer park home and not a lot of people answered but we had a cool experience, I was with one of the APs, Elder Castillo, and we knocked on a door and like a 95 year old lady answered, she could barley hear what we said and we basically had to shout but we showed her the Mountains to Climb video and I don't know if she could even hear a word they said but she was crying as she was watching it and I knew it was the Spirit touching her heart!

Last Monday we found out about transfers , I found out that I was staying here in Roy and my companion Elder Policarpio was going to Mt. Fort, my new companion was Elder Atkinson, I literally knew nothing about him or who he was. On Tuesday we spent most of the day just having Policarpio pack and then going and visiting people that Policarpio wanted to say goodbye too. On Wednesday we went to the office and I met my new companion Elder Atkinson, he is a pretty awesome Elder. He is from Billings Montana, he has been out about 5 months, and he is tall haha!

With Elder Atkinson
Later this week we got quite a surprise so originally in the area I cover there is 7 wards in the stake, we cover 3, the sisters cover 2, and the senior couples cover 2. Well, anyway due to a visa waiter the sisters that cover 2 wards have to go to another area to be with the other sisters so now we inherited two new wards which is exciting because it's something different and more potential for baptisms which is great, so we have been pretty busy working on transitioning in the two new wards.
No explanation needed

General Conference was this weekend and it was awesome! The General Conference sessions were good, we took the Front Runner up with a big group to the Saturday morning session. 
In the Conference Center

I had 12 extra tickets because a family we were supposed to bring didn't come. When we got there it was time to get in line so I saw a couple holding up 2 fingers saying they needed two tickets, so I gave some to them. Next thing you know, a huge group of people came up to me and were asking for tickets, I handed out 12 tickets in less than 30 seconds haha. We got checked in and were walking to our seats when Elder Ballard's family texted him and said, " Hey we need tickets, do you guys have any?" and we both looked at each other haha. I felt really bad because we had 12 tickets , they didn't end up getting to go to the morning one. We didn't have tickets to the Saturday pm session or priesthood so we just listened to what we could of it outside as we toured the different buildings around there.
Temple Square
Joseph Smith Memorial Building
Then on Sunday our landlords made pancakes so we went upstairs and tried watching the morning session but they had little kids running around and it was hard to hear, but anyways we had Sunday pm session tickets so we had our landlord take us to the Front Runner station where the bus stop is (Front Runner closed on Sunday) and we waited for the bus at 12. Well, come to find out the Sisters, who were giving us tickets, told us the wrong address, we were at 1250 state Street, and the bus stop was at 200 state Street, and the bus leaves at 12:30 and it was 1215 when they called so we ran the whole way there a mile and half in the pouring rain only to miss the bus. So we had our senior couple come get us and take us down, luckily we got there in time. We went to the session and then got back on a bus home.

Adam's Canvyon
For pdays they have been pretty relaxed a lot of the past pdays have just been napping and board games,although we did hike to the waterfall at Adam's Canyon so that was fun! I hope all of you have a good week!
Getting Soaked on our Hike
Happy I had my rain coat

-Elder Bennett

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