Monday, April 24, 2017

A Great Couple of Weeks

Hey Everyone! these past couple of weeks have been a great! I am not sure what all to talk about but I will just tell you about some of the highlights, so Easter was a couple weeks ago and it was a great day, we went to three sacraments and heard a lot of great talks! 
For dinner we had authentic German food and it was really good, we had some sort of beef wrapped in bacon, noodles, mashed potatoes and gravy, rolls, green beans, cabbage, and to top it off strawberry shortcake, it was a great meal!

It was pretty crazy to hear about the Tornado right next to my hometown and after seeing footage and pictures and how everyone got to see it form right in front of there eyes I was really bummed and wished I could have been there to see it! 
Elder Atkinson making french toast
We did a service project for the American Red Cross again and instead of installing this time we got tshirts and just went around and set up appointments! It was a pretty fun because there was a lot of missionaries and we love getting free stuff as missionaries haha!
Service Project

We had zone conference last week and it is always great to get together with the whole zone and learn from our awesome mission President and his wife Sister Jaggi. 

Zone Conference
Also this last Saturday My district put on a Missionary Training Center Youth Experience for 3 stakes, involving youth interested on going on missions ages 16-19. Well the turnout wasn't as great as we hoped but it was understandable considering we had to change the location of the building last minute like 3 times which lead to confusion and people going to the wrong place. But anyways each companionship from our district taught classes, there was how to prepare for a mission, mission life, how to teach the gospel to your friends and how to use the Book of Mormon. It was really fun to teach all the youth and at the end we had President Jaggi do a question and answer with them which was awesome!

Well I hope you all have a good week!

-Elder Bennett 

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