Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Getting Ready To Go

It is hard to believe how fast time went from when Connor received his call to the time he left.  I swear somebody had the calendar on fast forward!

Here are some of the preparations to get Connor ready to go:

Ordained to the office of an Elder June 5, 2016
Family Vacation to Colorado
Side trip to Odgen to see the temple
Tour of BYU Idaho
Saying goodbye to his cousin Ethan who went in the MTC July 27
Time for a missionary haircut!!!
Winter Quarters Temple
Receiving his endowments

Family who came to support Connor

Selling his iphone 
Farewell Talk Sunday July 31, 2016 

And saying goodbye to cousins who are going to change so much over the next 2 years!

The Orchards

The Dunsters

The Siows

Best Sister Ever!
Last night out with his best buds!

Last supper at Valentino's

Getting Set Apart by President Hahne August 2, 2016

Elder Connor McKay Bennett

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