Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Goodbye Nebraska, Hello Utah!

Connor's flight to Salt Lake City was at 6am, so we got up at 3:10am.  He and I had gotten to bed at 1am. Thankfully the driver got to bed at 11pm.

Getting ready to go!
Thank goodness for rollerboards!

Phew! After a quick trip back to the car for Connor's wallet he got his bags checked. Barely made the weight requirement!

Delta Flight is on time!
Ready to Go!
Saying goodbye is SOOOO hard!

We watched him go all the way through security!

Thank goodness for flight tracker!

Landed in SLC!

So happy to be able to watch the arrival of his van at the MTC and get a notice that his trip was complete!
Was happily surprised to hear from Connor this afternoon. So very grateful for his email that helped calm this mama's worried heart!

Hey mom and dad they are giving us a chance to email you guys to let you know that we made it safely! I can't believe how much I already miss you i'm not sure why I didn't cry, I think its because I did all of it late last night and early this morning. My flight went good, I pretty much slept through the whole flight which helped it go by quickly and I didn't have anyone sitting by me. I didn't have any trouble finding my luggage or where I needed to go which was good. When I got to the shuttle spot there was about 5 other missionaries which was good, I talked a lot to a missionary from Kansas who has Mexican heritage and speaks very fluent Spanish he is going to Mexico City and just talking to him made me think of the type of people Jameson teaches. He is going to BYU-Idaho as well so we talked a lot about that. I got my new companion, I haven't had a chance to talk to him yet because we are doing all this orientation stuff. The food is really good. I was walking to my first class and out of nowhere I get a big hug from Ethan! It was crazy we ran into each other he looked so happy and I am very happy. I already love the MTC and can't wait for whats in store. I feel a sense of comfort here and I think that's helping me transition .We had about an hour shuttle from the airport to the MTC which wasn't bad. I took a picture on the plane of myself and was trying to take a picture of the mountains from up high but it was too blurry. I will try to get a picture tonight with my companion. I just wanted to write you and tell you how much I love and miss you all. If dad doesn't get an email its because I can't remember his. Tell Genna I said Hi! And make sure to give Mo a hug for me. I'm not sure when my P-Day will be it will be either Saturday or Tuesday my Host said so I will let you know. I love and miss you guys so much Bye!

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