Friday, October 21, 2016

On the Straight and Narrow Path

The weather is getting cooler
 Hey everyone sorry for the late blog post this week! So this week was a pretty good week here in Clearfield Utah. Not much happened this week until Wednesday. We had service at the Community Foodbank again this week haha, we have served there so many times!. This time we mopped the entire warehouse, it actually turned out to be pretty fun. This week we also had the awesome privilege of going out to eat twice with return missionaries. The first missionary has been home for about three weeks and he served in Riverside, California. He took us to a Hawaiian Barbecue restaurant. It was really good and it was cool hearing some of his experiences on the mission. It's not to often we eat Hawaiian. The second returned missionary we ate with has been home almost a year now. He served in Colorado and he took us to Texas Roadhouse! I really enjoyed it because we have Texas Roadhouse back in Nebraska! We definitely took home some of their rolls in a box.

On Friday,  we went to the primary program practice in the Chrisim Meadow Ward and we talked to all the primary kids a bit about the importance of doing missionary work and how cool it would be to invite their friends to see the program. Also on Friday we were able to get a church building opened up and play Volleyball with a lot of the adults and some investigators and less actives in the West Park Ward, it was a lot of fun! On Saturday our landlord, Brother Berry, took us out to eat at the Chinese Dragon, it was super good. On Sunday we had the privilege of being able to listen a church historian come and talk to us about Joseph Smith. I learned a lot of things that I have never heard of before and it was interesting to hear things about Joseph's life. After that he was able to answer a lot of people's questions and he talked to us about the importance of getting to know our church history better.
Monday was a pretty relaxed day. We decided to stay at the apartment for the day and just relax. This was the first p-day where we haven't had anything planned and it was nice to not have to worry about being somewhere and then being gone all day. We got a lot of things accomplished and it was a much needed day off.
A Malimu named Ruger
On a spiritual note, I was reading in first Nephi Chapter 11 and in this chapter Nephi is wanting to know about the things his father Lehi knows. Much of this chapter is about Nephi being talked to by an angel and having things revealed unto him. Two of the main things that stuck out to me were when he is shown the tree of life and the great and spacious building. At one point within the chapter the angel asks Nephi if he knows what the tree of life represents. Nephi is able to answer that question in verses 21-23. Nephi realizes that the tree of life represents the love of God. Later on Nephi is also shown the Great and Spacious building. From what he saw he learns that the building represents the pride of the world.
A Husker fan in Utah
We should all be striving to follow the iron rod to the tree of life and staying on the straight and narrow path back to our Heavenly Father. It is not easy to stay on the path with the worldly things we face today. One thing I've learned on my mission is to rely on the Lord and to put our faith in Him that He will help us stay on the straight and narrow. I know that if we do that, we will notice a difference in our lives and I can testify that I have noticed that while serving a mission.

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