Monday, November 7, 2016

3 Months in the Mission

After the Fireside
Hey everyone! Wow I can't believe how fast time is flying here! Thursday November 3rd marked 3 months that I have been on my mission! It seems like yesterday I boarded that plane for Utah! This week was a fairly good week! On Wednesday we had our weekly district meeting, which is always great because we learn new spiritual things and ways to improve our teaching each week! This week we did a lot of inviting. On Tuesday night and Wednesday night we went around to all three church buildings and invited all the youth to invite there friends and to come to the musical fireside this Sunday!

We didn't have a really busy week of teaching, we are searching each day to find new people to teach! We have a few investigators we are working with as well as a family we are trying to reactivate. We have been really blessed this week to receive like 7 referrals! We are really hoping that those referrals turn into some solid investigators as well as baptisms! That is the great thing about Utah is that we get a lot of referrals from members and that certainly helps with people to teach!

I was sad to hear that the Huskers got beat, haha! Oh well I still love them. Sunday was an awesome day, we had 3 people we are teaching come to sacrament meeting which is so good. We also were able to help confirm Cole Young, our recent convert baptism, as a member of the church! We also had the Musical Fireside on Sunday! It was awesome, although we didn't sing in it, I could really feel the spirit. The Ogden Tabernacle was completely packed all the way to the back. We went with a really cool family, the Johnsons!
Musical Fireside at Ogden Tabernacle
On a spiritual note I just want to talk about the power of music! What a great experience it was to listen to the wonderful spiritual songs that the Ogden Mission sang. Songs can carry a strong message that can really help change your thoughts and mood! I know for a fact that it is not by chance that we have these Musical Firesides, song always for me brings a strong spirit and that is one way I feel the Spirit the most! On our programs that we handed out to everyone there were two sheets, one was the program and the other was a referral sheet, President Jaggi during the fireside got up and invited everyone to take a few moments and write down someone who they would like to meet with the missionaries, today President posted on Facebook that we have received over 100 referrals from this fireside! That is super awesome and I hope each and everyone of those referrals turn into baptisms! Have a great week everyone!

-Love Elder Bennett

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