Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Halloween and a Haircut

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope everyone had a fun safe night! So this was a fairly good week. We were supposed to go to rehearsal on Tuesday for our Ogden Utah Mission Fireside coming up but our zone leaders forgot us and so since we missed that we are way behind which is a bummer and won't be singing in it. We had a great district meeting this week and we set up a zone action plan of how we can become a better zone in finding and baptizing. We set a goal of 22 baptisms for our zone in the month of November!.
New Haircut
The bugs are bad here in Utah right now! on our way to a dinner appointment me and Elder Ballard rode our bikes right into a swarm of little flies and we had hundreds on us, it is quite disgusting because whenever we ride bikes they are on us. At least the cold weather will probably kill them off which will be great!

Sent from some members at the Ward Trunk or Treat

On Friday we had the great opportunity of being able to meet a few general authorities. We got to meet Elder Christensen (President of the 70) and Elder Natress of the 70, both of them spoke at the latest General Conference. They were here in Ogden doing a mission tour. We got to shake their hands and meet them. We were also able to have a question and answer with them as well as hear them speak on a few things they wanted to. I learned a lot of good insights and got some of my own questions answered. We then had a awesome lasagna lunch with everyone and it was fun to talk with the other missionaries.
Meeting Elder Christensen and Natress (taken from the mission Facebook page)
We went to a lot of trunk r treat activities this week. We went to one that the Spanish elders invited us too as well as many of the ones in our area. There was a lot of good food, candy, and interesting costumes, still none of them beat the ones from back in my home ward! This week me and Elder Ballard gave talks in the West Park Ward. I spoke on loving thy neighbor and he spoke on member missionary work. I thought it was going to be nerve racking, being that there is twice as many people as I am used to speaking to but it was really easy and I enjoyed preparing one.

For Halloween we got our cards renewed so we had a good time getting some much needed groceries. The weather was awesome for Halloween so everyone was out that day, the Walmart was packed and the lines were crazy long. We tried getting haircuts but they were closed so they told us to come back on Tuesday so we did during our lunch time. For Halloween we went over to a members house and we had pizza and handed out candy to all the kids until we had to be home which was fun!

So on a spiritual note, again we had the opportunity to give a lot of blessings to people in need this week! Each and everyday we must do what we have to do to remain a worthy priesthood holder. You never know when your time is going to come along that you need to give a blessing. So many times we hear many awesome experiences from General Conferences, and from youth videos about times that a blessing has helped tremendously. I loved getting a blessing from my dad each year before school. It was a awesome feeling when you were able to have that sense of comfort and peace and I love being able to give that to other people!
Another angle on that new haircut
Have a great week everyone!

-Love Elder Bennett

sorry I didn't take many pictures this week!

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