Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Snow for Thanksgiving

Hey Everyone sorry for a late and short blog but hope you all had a good Thanksgiving week! Our Thanksgiving day started with some lifting then, personal and companion study, and then we played football in the snow ! We had a couple elders Collided heads during the game which resulted in stitches! It was a very wet, slippery, cold game but it was super fun!

After working up an appetite we had a great meal at a members house and we got super stuffed! So stuffed that we didn't really eat much the rest of the day haha! And our fridge is full of pies and turkey!

I also received an awesome letter from home and missed being at home for Thanksgiving this year! It seemed a little like a normal day but in 2 years it will make Thanksgiving that much more meaningful and better! I also received a package from Eliza Bennett that had some candy and a hand tree that they made at activity days! Thank you so much !

Our work with investigators are going really good, we have 6 people on date and we're excited for there upcoming baptisms! The work is really progressing in this area and our ward mission leaders are doing a pretty good of getting people for us to teach! 

Our mission president promised us, this will be a white Christmas and I believe it! 

We got snow! This week it snowed pretty good and it was actually really not bad at all! The snow/cold are very dry here, and not really chilling to the bone and wet like back in Nebraska, which has been nice! Because we have to walk everywhere.! I am going to have to get some snow boots or something soon, because they are getting soaked from walking in the snow!

On a spiritual note, there is just something awesome about the Holiday season! The church put out the Light the World Video, which I love because it shows people helping each other and doing things that the savior did here while he was on earth! We show it to people we teach as people we have dinner with and every time I watch it I feel the spirit! They have given us a wonderful opportunity to do 25 days of service! If you go to Mormon.org you can read more about it and what you can do on each day! I am super excited to do it as a missionary and to see the joy on people's faces when we help them! I encourage and invite all of you to take on the 25 day service challenge and to pray each day to find opportunities to serve someone!

 Have a great week everyone!

-Elder Bennett

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